Milestone: Posting from RSS Aggregator to Blog

Just achieved a breakthrough with my previous post. It was done via our RSS Aggregator directly to this weblog through the MovableType API (actually, the Blogger API). This is what I’ve been wanting to do for long! Be able to scan a lot of entries in the RSS Aggregator (having subscribed to many feeds) and then a 1-click (well, almost) post directly to my blog. No cutting and pasting URLs and titles.

Our RSS Aggregator still needs some work, but we’ll clean that up in the next few days. The part before the RSS Aggregator is also interesting – we are maing a blog directory and neighbourhood analyser (using blogrolls and bloglinks). So, when I come across a blog I like, I can do a 1-click addition of that feed directly into my personal RSS Aggregator. (Currently, it shows the RSS feed link for various blogs, but we’ll get the rest of it working soon.)

This is the flow I’ve been waiting for [see: Blog Enhancements].

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