Mozilla opens up Microsoft’s closed Outlook PST format – Udell

Writes Jon Udell: “In no time flat I had my Outlook mail sitting in MBOX (i.e., plain text) files under Mozilla’s mail tree. Importing my Outlook contacts was equally successful…As a bonus, I tried again to establish signing/encryption capability in Mozilla’s mail client, something I’d failed to achieve with the pre-1.0 code. Got that working too. For the moment, since Outlook is a better PIM than Mozilla, I’ll probably continue using it. But it’s great to know that Mozilla’s mail client can now work with my Thawte freemail certificate. And knowing that it can also readily force Outlook to regurgitate mail and contacts as usable text files really sets my mind at ease.”

Points to keep in mind for us, because we are going to face this challenge in enterprises if people decide to migrate from Windows to Linux. One of the biggest barriers is Mail which is in Outlook Express or Outlook. Looks like this is a barrier no more.

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