Emergic Update

BlogStreet: We’ve got three things ready in BlogStreet: (i) a Blog Neighbourhood Analyser, which given a blog gives you its friends as analysed through the blogroll and bloglinks on its home page, (ii) a Blog Search which is keyword-based and covers the home pages (iii) Blog Ranking, wherein every blog is given a rank based on its count among the blogrolls. We’ve botted about 1800 blogs. Our program is a little slow, but we are working to optimise it. We should make it available this week. We also have links to a blog’s RSS feed, with the ability to add into an RSS Aggregator. Plan for the coming week: auto-categorisation of blogs.

Digital Dashboard: Last week, we built on the RSS Aggregator to ensure we’d catch most formats. We also added a feature which lists the collective list of blogs being subscribed to by others in the group (enterprise). The key feature which needs to be added now is the Delete option, so it will enable the viewing of only the new entries in the feed (on a per-person basis). Once this is ready, we should (a) make the post option work with Radio and Blogger.com, in addition to MopvableType, and (b) making this available as a hosted web service. The combination of BlogStreet and Digital Dashboard should make it very interesting for bloggers.

Thin Client-Thick Server: Last week, we began our productisation efforts. We are now working towards making an installable set of CDs. This means automating all the steps we had done manually over the past 2 months. We’ve made substantial progress on this front and should have a first-cut CD ready this week. Have also been seeing how the Windows Terminal Server option can be used to provide Windows support for those who may need it (on the Linux Thin Client desktop). We’ve also been testing both hardware and software RAID. This should be the work we’ll be finally moving the Marketing team to Thin Clients.

Enterprise Software: We’ve been doing a study of EJB, J2EE and JBoss (an open source application server). Have also begun a review of the business proces standards – ebXML, RosettaNet and BizTalk.

This Blog: We did a few enhancements: Categories, Search which goes directly to an individual post and GoogleBox. Next up: adding a ListServ so we can send out emails, auto-posting the day’s traffic info to the blog, referer analysis and upgrading to MovableType 2.2. I also created a private blog.

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