Mozilla Benefits

Writes the NYT in a brief article on Mozilla, which is the browser I now use on my Linux Thin Client:

Mozilla has a number of appealing features. Unlike other alternative browsers like Opera and Smart Explorer, which require Web surfers to choose between blocking or permitting all pop-up windows, Mozilla allows users to block only unrequested pop-ups. That means it will block advertisement windows but allow a window to pop up if the user clicks on a link requesting it.

Mozilla incorporates several features of Opera, including tabbed browsing, which allows several Web pages to be opened in one browser window. It is possible to select a word and send it directly to a search engine. And Mozilla stores your name, address and other information so that it can fill in online forms automatically.

For adventurous users, there are a wealth of add-ons in the works (most of which can be found at, including a music player and a clone of the old arcade game Pac-Man.

Good points to keep in mind when we go out convincing people to use Mozilla over Internet Explorer.

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