Blog Enhancements

Recent developments on my blog:

– Have added 20 months of archives of my Tech Talk columns (since November 2000). A full listing is available on the Tech Talk category page (in reverse chronological order).
– Have also added 20-odd columns on the Internet I wrote during 1997-98. You will need to search for “Net.Columns” to access those.
– Missing: the Internauting series I wrote for Express Computer in 1995-96. The electronic versions no longer exist on IndiaWorld and have also been deleted from the Google cache (had seen them there a few months ago, should have taken a copy!)
– Added Google Box to provide contextual links to a post
– Made the monthly pages as links to the stories rather than thefull posts, so its possible to get a quick glance at all the posts easily
– Search now covers all the posts. We have now put each post on a separate page, so search will take one directly to the post (rather than the day on which it appeared). Am finding this very useful to refer to some of my older posts.
– Have started a daily email service (see in the right column). So, now you can subscribe for the daily updates (its free!!).
– Have streamlined the Category pages so that the first 20 posts show in full, and more posts show up as links. The pages were getting too long, otherwise.
– Each of the categories also has its own RSS feed which you can subscribe to.

Next on the list of ideas:

– to put up daily reports on site traffic (automatically, at the end of the day)
– to do referer log analysis and add “backlinks”
– upgrade perhaps to the new MovableType (v2.2), which has support for “Trackback”

– to add a capability to link to related posts, so that I can easily provide the context and additional reading. I can do the same today, but it is too much effort. I have in the past two-and-a-half months done nearly 400 posts (an average of 5 a day). Add to that the Tech Talks and it totals about 800. So, there’s plenty of background material to link to within the site itself. Ideas don’t age easily. In fact, reading some of the older posts is very helpful because sometimes, we drill down too much and miss out elements of the bigger picture.

– see if we can enhance the Htdig search provide entries reverse chronologically
– to make a glossary so that first-timers can understand terms like RSS and Weblog
– become an Amazon Affiliate so I can provide links for purchase
– think of innovative ways on the content side eg. Book Blog. Also, take a relook at the BlogDaily concept. There are some ideas here.

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