Writes FastCompany:

The one thing that computing is not is computerized. IBM is starting to think about goal-oriented computing, where you tell the computers what you want to do and let them work out the details. Strategy and implementation are literally merged: Come up with the strategy, and the implementation is automated.

IBM is breaking down strategy and implementation into smaller pieces, letting each component know the goals, monitor its own performance, and do some problem solving. At IBM, this merger of strategy and implementation became known as “SMASH”: simple, many, self-healing. The most effective computers would be made of many small, interchangeable components with the ability to monitor their own performance and solve problems as they arise rather than wait for instructions from the central processor: headquarters. Biology was IBM’s inspiration. A hangnail doesn’t prevent you from typing; the flu doesn’t prevent you from walking. Similarly, a small software or hardware problem shouldn’t bring computing to a halt.

This is part of IBM’s autonomic computing initiative.

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