Russia – Business Week

From Russia’s New Wealth in Business Week:

A host of tycoons old and new–are deep into the hunt for the Next Big Thing in Russia’s economy, a hunt that’s drawing capital into previously neglected areas such as agriculture, natural gas, electricity, railroads, and financial services. These investments are still in the early stages. But a coterie of Russia’s billionaire businessmen are building on their political intelligence and dealmaking skills to choose the right initial investments. And if they succeed in grabbing big stakes in the newly open markets, they may well decide to pump a big portion of their fortunes into Russia rather than Swiss villas or bank accounts in Cyprus.

Two countries (emerging markets) I want to visit in the coming year: Russia and Brazil. Its very difficult imagining a country by reading an article. Spending even a few days there creates images which help put things in perspective and help in building the global mindset. I did that earlier with China (Shanghai) in Feb-Mar for 3 days.

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