Emergic Update

BlogStreet: We have launched a beta with the Blog Neighbourhood Analysis and a listing of the top 500 blogs at http://www.blogstreet.com. We will not be doing further development for now. The site should grow its blogs automatically. Need to step back a little and think what we want to do next. The basic technology developed needs to be (later) applied to within enterprises for the blogs.

Digital Dashboard: We’ve launched blogs internally for 15 people in our company. Have built this on MovableType. Have enabled private, group and public blogs. RSS Aggregator is also available for all. Now, lets see if people blog!

From next week, we will have a unified update for BlogStreet and Digital Dashboard called “Information Refinery Infrastructure (IRI)”. In the near-term, we want to look at Traction and Scopeware. We also want to do IM-based blog notification. In parallel, also do a more detailed study on XSLT.

Thin Client-Thick Server: We have begun talking to organisations outside to get beta customers where we can deploy the solution. Initial reaction is quite positive. In Aug-Sep, we need to get 8-10 different organisations where we can do a beta.

Enterprise Software: Have been examining various platforms for the development. We’ll be using a mix of some commercial tools for the initial work and then port to open-source software. The idea is to (a) get our project – Client Information System – done, and (b) get a sense of what the best development tools do.

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