Wohl on .Net

Writes Amy Wohl in her newsletter, after a visit to Microsoft:

Gates went on to define .NET as software to connect information, people, systems and devices. In other words, everything.

He refers to waves of .NET. The Tools Wave is finished now and we are entering the second phase in which we emphasize breaking down barriers. This will be all about identifcation and security as well as how data is stored. Microsoft expects it to take three or four years to be completed.

The real bottom line, I believe, is that Microsoft is struggling to on the one hand try to move Visual Basic programmers over to Visual Studio .NET and, on the other hand, to speak to the Linux/Unix/Java community and try to get some conversion/migration activity going. The first is obviously going better than the second.

Wohl goes on to say that Microsoft is targeting “the Enterprise” and how it will face challenges in that segment.

Another important points she makes: “The rush to standards means that operating systems are less important. The development platform may no longer be the operating system you run, but rather a set of standards you choose to embrace (or your selected set of software chooses to embrace on your behalf).”

For our enterprise software, the set of standards that we are focusing on are:
– J2EE/EJB for the software “insides”
– Web Services for application integration (software components)
– RosettaNet for business processes
– RSS for the digital dashboard

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