Legend’s Next Moves

News.com writes on Legend and its future plans as it seeks to expand beyond China and PCs:

The Legend Group, which once existed only as a wholesale distributor for U.S. and European brands, has transformed itself into one of the world’s fastest-growing technology conglomerates, with its hands on everything from desktops and servers to cell phones, retail franchises and information technology services.

Legend grew shipments by 24.2 percent in 2001, Gartner analyst Charles Smulders said, and the company pulled in $2.7 billion (HK$20.9 billion) in revenue and $134 million (HK$1.045 billion) in profit for the fiscal year ended March 2002. Only Sony at 25.2 percent grew faster, he noted, while Dell grew by 18 percent, “and everybody else was negative” in 2001.

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Rajesh Jain

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