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Nick Denton has launched Gizmodo. Its an interesting experiment – offers an aggregation of reviews on gadgets with links for purchase. Its one of the more innovative variations I’ve come across. [Some blog posts on Gizmodo]

Am convinced that blogs are for more than just publishing one’s thoughts and liked links. They are a new format on the Web, offering a lot of room for creative thinking. What one should focus on: “value-added aggregation”. A lot of us do it for content. Nick Denton has just done it for gadgets.

Some blogs I’d like to see from bloggers (and not the standard publications):
– Books Blog: what are bloggers like me reading
– Travel Blog: places to see, stay; things to do
– Management Tips: how to be more effective (spiced with experiences)
– Business Ideas: just reading about innovative ideas can spur thinking
– Entrepreneur Profiles: the stories of people like us, who are willing to take a different path

Blogs are Voices – of people. They come more from the heart than from the head, and that’s what makes it so interesting. They are by people like us. Being able to aggregate blog posts by category (rather than trying to classify blogs or bloggers) could offer up interesting slices of information, which we are otherwise missing out on. Content (news) is just one slice which has been leveraged so far.

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