Decentralisation and Information Router

Kevin Werbach has a couple of good comments:

  • Decentralized tools for collaborative work (what I provisionaly call postmodern knowledge management) will be the next great category of enterprise software applications. [link]

  • [The Information Router] will be the next great business software application, alongside the word processor, spreadsheet, browser, and email/calendar/address book. Groove and Radio Userland are two examples; Traction is another interesting one I saw recently….The issue is how to manage information without managing it. We want the right information to get to the right person at the right time, but there’s usually no way to know those things ahead of time. We also want to leverage the Web, which is centralized and has links that can break and go in only one direction, while engaging in bidirectional freeform interactions like Weblogging. [link]

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