Yahoo Enterprise Portal


Enterprise 5.0 is angled toward letting portal managers simplify information management of relevant content through more than 100 personalized modules. Since Yahoo says more than 70 percent of business users already visit Yahoo from the workplace each month, the extension to enterprise services within the firewall is a logical one.

On the user front, 5.0 embeds “content in context” so that modules will dynamically refresh based on changes in surrounding modules and applications. A sales executive for example, could profile a series of client prospects, and with each new entry, surrounding business objects, both internal applications and external content, would reflect the change.

A research note from The Delphi Group puts the announcement in the perspective of a changing model of information delivery. “The direction here points to the content event of the decade: The emergence of the info-service appliance — the personalized Web content device(s) — that will set new paradigms for the delivery and use of professional information in the enterprise.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.