Rahul Dave on our Dashboard

I had given Rahul Dave a sneak preview of our proposed Digital Dashboard. Here are Rahul’s comments:

Usually I prefer much less information on a dashboard, but the design here seems to be very clean. Crucially, there are slots for the latest myblog stuff and recent documents.

There would seem to be 2 fundamentally different kinds of information that one would want to provide on a dashboard. The first is pollable, interval updatable, and is typically the product of an aggregator, or a cron-run call. The second is real-time, as in appointment reminders, instant messaging, and latest email. Perhaps this second class can be handled in an arbitrary browser by Knownow’s javascript microbrowser trick, while in mozilla it could be handled natively(see jabberzilla).

I like the idea of integrating a microServer in the Web browser. Perhaps Radio could be integrated into the browser of the Thin Client. The objective is to make sure the dashboard is updated in real-time wherever possible.

Emergic Digital Dashboard

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