Related Entries Feature

We’ve added a neat feature to the blog: the “Related Entries” at the end of some of the posts. When I am entering a post, I can assign some keywords in the Movable Type “Excerpt” box. Our software does a search and then takes the top 4 entries which match the post and posts them as Related Entries. For example, see the Related Entries below for the words “blog enhancements”.

What I like about this is that it allows (a) to easily link to other related posts from my blog, and (b) more importantly, chain posts together. When blogging, one writes as a continuing story – like a soap opera unfolding daily. The Related Entries allows me to link up threads so a reader can also see what else I’ve said on a similar topic earlier.

To enhance this threading and linkages, we’ve also added “Prev/Next” links from the individual entries (try doing a search, and click on one of the entries). We have, in addition, added links to “Prev/Next” posts in the same category also.

Blog Enhancements

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.