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Writes Steve Gillmor in Link free or die: “RSS is an XML syndication standard authored by Dave Winer of SOAP fame, and currently mired in a standards struggle that extends to even what the acronym stands for. Winer’s Radio UserLand Weblog authoring tool both aggregates and emits RSS objects that can be consumed by other Weblogs in a modular and deeply viral way. But IE’s crummy editing tools slow down the cycle by forcing bloggers into repetitious cut-and-paste fests to keep the ideas flowing.”

Adds Gillmor:

As Don Box discovered and Jon Udell shared with the Weblog community in pseudo-code
while (true) {

RSS can become the anchor for the new desktop. It can do much more than sharing content; it can also be used for distributing and collecting enterprise events. I’ll be writing some thoughts as part of a new Tech Talk series about the Next Generation Desktop, which can be built around weblogs, RSS, outliners, directories and the digital dashboard, with an Information Refinery at its core.

Information Refinery AND RSS AND Aggregation

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