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Forrester highlights tech hotspots (via – security patching, search and UWB:

Forrester predicts that startups specializing in security patching, that is, filling security holes in corporate enterprise systems, have a bright future. In one memo, Rutstein notes that exploitation of a known security hole causes nearly all security incidents. Yet large enterprises are consistently vulnerable owing to the complexity of finding, assessing and testing those patches.

In another memo, Forrester software analyst Joshua Walker points to a surge of corporate interest in search technology. Buyers include multinationals that can’t find critical intellectual property on their intranets and online sellers with buried merchandise. Walker contends that a single type of search engine meets all large enterprise needs so that there’s room for several winners. He also notes that the rewards can be large, citing two startups in the sector, Verity Inc. and Endeca Technologies Inc., which have average-size annual contracts of $385,000 and $450,000, respectively.

Forrester also projects opportunities for VC investment in a wireless subsector: ultra wideband, also known as UWB or digital pulse wireless. That is a technology for transmitting large amounts of digital data over a wide spectrum of low-power radio frequency bands for a short distance. It can carry signals through doors and other obstacles that tend to reflect signals at more limited bandwidths and at higher power. Rutstein notes that while the military has used UWB for many years, new innovations are bringing it into the commercial sector.

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