Enterprise Portals

In an article entitled Microsoft and the Portal, Line56 discusses the pros and cons of enterprise portals, which “are the new hotspot of information delivery strategies designed to help businesses cut through the clutter and home in on corporate raison d’ etre through defined business roles and processes gained through a single user point of access.”

Picking up from criticism of the portal framework by a Microsoft .Net strategist, the article focuses on 4 questions:

1. Is the portal a harking back to centralized mainframe computing, a dumb terminal, one-way flow of information?

2. Do portals have Rube Goldberg developer environments with random presentation frameworks and developer tools?

3. Are portal deployments unreasonably costly and service-laden?

4. Are portals bogged-down integration projects that provide poor business returns?

One of the points mentioned is that Microsoft’s gripes seems to be because the portal can create an alternative desktop. This is exactly what we want to do with the Digital Dashboard.

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