The New Three Cs of E-Business

The earlier Internet era 3Cs were Content. Community and Commerce. Now, the new 3 Cs, according to a Line56/AT Kearney research are Cost, Customer, Connectivity. Writes Line56:

The new economic reality is driving companies to review the building blocks of their e-business strategy. Companies are shifting away from Internet era initiatives by adopting a back-to-basics approach and focusing on the three levers of cost, customer and connectivity to build a value-focused platform for growth. The focus on cost is driving slower growth in e-business budgets, as companies make fewer, more focused investments with an emphasis on areas that yield the highest returns.

By aggressively pursuing cost reduction initiatives and improving connectivity, companies are gaining efficiencies and generating cost savings. These savings are being redirected towards value-generating initiatives aimed at building improved customer relationships and future growth strategies. With continued investments in CRM initiatives, companies are experiencing an increase in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Web Services are also emerging as a key area of investment, fueled by the desire to connect discrete elements of the companies’ value chains, thus improving customer relationships, while streamlining operations. The ability of companies to continually drive the new C’s of e-Business will ultimately determine the success or failure of their e-Business investments.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.