Ideas constantly float by. They have to be caught, integrated with our current view of the world and even preserved for the future so they can be executed at the right time. Many times, we see Ideas as standalone (silos), and so let them pass us by.

Some of the best Ideas come in unconventional situations or when one least expects them. We should keep a small diary or book so we can jot down thoughts and Ideas, as they come. They are almost always in a raw format at first, and need to be mined and massaged.

Many times, an Idea is the result not of a sudden epiphany but a series of small nudges. Things come together slowly, like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, one which keeps expanding to give us an increasingly bigger view of the world around.

It is very important for us to have diversity in our reading which can stimulate the thinking. Also, one must keep an open mind. We have to challenge ourselves, and let others challenge us. Every so often, it is necessary to question the fundamentals and the most basic assumptions of what we are doing to ensure that we are on the right track. We should not be scared of redoing things, or even retracing our path. Many times, we are afraid of what we will discover if we think too much, and so just let the status quo prevail. That is is grave mistake.

Ideas have to also pass the “next morning” test. Many times, we get excited with something and in our haste, take quick actions. This is also not right. We must wait a brief while and sleep on it — are we as excited the next day about our Idea? Good Ideas will always stand the test of time, and in fact, will become stronger and richer with time.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.