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India Today (September 23 issue) has an article (not yet available online) entitled “The Blogs are Coming”. From what I can tell, this is the first blogging-related article in the mainstream Indian press. Its written by Nidhi Taparia Rathi [her blog].

The article has a small mention of Emergic: “And then there is Rajesh Jain, CEO, Emergic, a software solutions start-up, for whom blogging is business. He maintains a blog on emerging technologies underlining business plans of his own startup and also finding valuable business feedback from his readers.”

The first sentence has 3 errors:
– I am Managing Director, Netcore Solutions Pvt Ltd. Emergic is the name of the blog and my vision for cost-effective technology solutions.
– Netcore is not a start-up, it is 4+ years old.
– Blogging is not yet business for me or Netcore. It is more a way to (a) build a personal knowledge management system of all that I’ve read and liked so I can find them again later (b) share my ideas and get feedback on them (the second sentence is quite accurate, except for the startup bit).

Two additional thoughts (more generally):

– when mainstream publications write on technology, they invariably make errors. It would be nice if they could run the quote or the relevant excerpt with the subject so as not to make factual errors (the journalist is entitled to his/her opinion, but at least, let us get facts right). I have seen this happen to me on more than a few occasions. All it requires is a quick phone call or a short email. The final prerogative on what to write still rests with the writer and the magazine.

– an article like the one on blogging needs URLs – either with the websites mentioned, or perhaps separately in a sidebar. Rather than waste so much of space on the fancy graphics which serve little purpose, it would have been better to give 8-10 URLs of good blogs and blogging tools/sites.

Nevertheless, a good effort. One thing about India Today: they are always the earliest in India with the trends of tomorrow.

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