Yahoo’s Challenges

An interesting article in Fortune on how Semel is working to turn things around at Yahoo. For many, Yahoo was our first experience of the Internet. Its a company which could have done so much more, had it not lost its way in between. Yahoo is now pinning its hopes in broadband, especially its partnership with telco SBC.

Reading about what Yahoo and SBC will do gives some interesting ideas for our digital dashboard: “SBC will mail customers who order DSL service a purple-and-blue box containing a modem and a CD-ROM with Yahoo’s web software. In about 30 minutes, users will be up and running with a browser that looks like the love child of MyYahoo and Internet Explorer. Once signed on, the experience is all Yahoo. Users can check their e-mail through Yahoo Mail and customize every inch of their screen with special Yahoo content. One corner of the screen will house a user’s three most recent messages, another a personalized news feed, another sports scores of favorite teams, another a radio station playing music the user likes. The system learns too. The more you listen to the radio, the more it knows what sort of songs you like. If you click on sports news a lot, Yahoo will feed more team reports to the front page.”


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