Email’s 11 Commandments

From HBS Working Knowledge:

1. Use e-mail only when it’s the most efficient channel for your need.

2. Never print your e-mail.

3. Send nothing over e-mail that must be error-free.

4. Never delete names from your address book.

5. Never forward chain e-mail.

6. Never send e-mail when you’re furious or exhausted.

7. Don’t pass on rumor or innuendo about real people.

8. Nor should you do so about companies you work for or may work for one day.

9. Never substitute e-mail for a necessary face-to-face meeting.

10. Remember this hierarchy: first the meeting, then the phone call, then the voice mail, then the e-mail.

11. Your e-mail is hackable and retrievable, and it can be used against you. Use only when absolutely necessary.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.