Business Week’s e.Biz 25

Here. The print magazine (Asian edition) didnt seem to have the detailed profiles that they have on the website.

I may be wrong but none of the 25 people selected by Business Week has a blog. Maybe they should make that a mandatory criteria next week – I want to read what the individuals think of the future, not necessary an interpretation by a journalist (however good). That would surely start a blogging stampede and do a lot of good in the world in terms of transparency and ideas flow…which is just what we need. Integrity and Innovation.

By the way, the introductory para is an excellent of the wonderful and flowery hyperbole the business magazines are so good at: “In the span of just two years, e-business has morphed from capitalist cure-all to pure catastrophe. The dot-com collapse took down not only the majority of e-tailers but also a wide swath of software and hardware companies that catered to them. The ripples from that disaster had assumed tidal wave proportions by the time they hit the telecom business, where the Internet bubble fueled wild overexpansion.”

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