From ZDnet: “The arrival of portable USB storage devices–so small that they fit easily in your pocket and even sport rings for easy key chain attachment–may finally put the venerable floppy to rest. These portable devices store from 8MB to 2.1GB of data and take up a fraction of the space of other storage options.”

The USB could serve two purposes in the TC-TS solution: for boot-up (we currently do so from either a floppy or a boot ROM – both of which need to be created for the TC), and for authentication (much like Sun’s idea of the JavaCard which it is doing with a smart card).

A related USB story comes from Irt writes about USB-On-the-Go, “a new technology that allows handheld devices to share files directly, without the need for a PC….Using it, a person could plug a handheld or digital camera straight into a printer to produce a photo. PDAs also could swap documents directly or back up data by connecting directly to a portable hard drive. The technology is also expected to be used in cell phones and MP3 players.”

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