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The real idea of corporate portals is that they should provide a one-stop consolidated view driven by a combination of existing enterprise information assets and IT infrastructure investments. The value of Web portal technology has moved beyond merely facilitating information to delivering services that connect people to content via integrated applications. For example, one click of a mouse can now set off a whole series of activities, from authentication to credit checking to order processing to shipment. This enables customers, business partners and employees to see what is happening with business transactions in real time.

As Web portals rapidly evolve into a single point of access for e-commerce, collaboration and a host of other business services, they are dependent on a number of factors, including:

  • Personalized delivery of content/applications: Giving people access to information and applications specific to their functions.

  • Real-time collaboration services: Including instant messaging, discussion areas, group calendars, task tracking and shared document libraries.

  • Integrated applications: Bringing together enterprise applications, syndicated content, websites, e-mail, workflow integration, etc.

  • Our Digital Dashboard project is working to do exactly this.

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    Rajesh Jain

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