Zoe as Email Google

Writes Jon Udell:

Any data that’s public, and that Google can see, is hardly worth storing and organizing. We simply search for what we need, when we need it: just-in-time information management. But since we don’t admit Google to our private data stores — Intranets and mailboxes, for example — we’re still like the shoemaker’s barefoot children. Most of us can find all sorts of obscure things more easily than we can find the file that Tom sent Leslie last week.

What would it be like to Google your email? Raphal Szwarc’s ZO is a clever piece of software that explores this idea. It’s written in Java (source available), so it can be debugged and run everywhere. ZO is implemented as a collection of services. Startup is as simple as unpacking the zipped tarball and launching ZO.jar. The services that fire up include a local Web server that handles the browser-based UI, a text indexing engine, a POP client and server, and an SMTP server.

We need to look at Zoe in detail and see how it fits in both with MailServ and the Thin Client-Thick Server platform.


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