Marc Canter on Mobologging

Marc Canter builds on the concept of moblogging:

One way to do all this is to tie in messaging (as we know it today), multimedia (Justin talks about photos, but we could also include audio posts or even voice-to-text transcrptions) – and use all the power of RSS, OPML, XML-RPC, Jabber, http and tcp/ip to create a network of tools, services and functionality – that will create new kinds of on-line communities.

Knowing whether or not my friends are on-line is just the beginning. I wanna know what they’re up to today (with shared ‘To Do’ lists), I wanna know what they think of particular notions or concepts – as I’m having in real-time or in the middle of a real-space conversation – (so I can include them in the rap…..) and I wanna keep these cloud members abreast of my travels, what I’m seeing and what I’m feeling.

I also wanna have my cloud members connect me to other clouds. This notion of intersecting clouds is how meta-communities will form – not only based about similar affinities, poltiical beliefs or proximity, but also form the basis of the ultimate six degrees mesh, one that connects news, creative expression, science and education together – in what (I think) we all hope the web will evolve into.

So my notion of moblogging – actually goes beyond just news gathering. I see it as a new fundamental form of expression. Why stop with news? Why not extend it to:

– check out this amazing sunset and the poem it’s inspired….
– here’s a new song I wrote, inspired by that hottie I just saw walking down the street….
– here’s a brainstorming notion – or new concept – which just appeared in my head and I wanted to share it with you all
– listen to this song, now think about xxxx, now what do YOU feel – at this moment?

These sort of new kinds of interaction and collaboration are endless! A mesh-like system like this, combining messaging, blogging, cell phones, and the web – would be extended in real space by one’s MP3 players, digital camera and PDA. When you ‘got home’ – you’d then ‘jack into’ your Home LAN and connect to your desktop PC and your broadband connection, as well as your TV set, PVR and other stereo components – forming the basis of your ‘digital lifestyle’.

Not only should we be able to connect our on-line cloud members together into a new notion of an on-line community, but also connect disparate on-line communities together.


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