O’Reilly’s Technology Usage

Quotes from C.J. Rayhill , O’Reilly’s COO and and executive vice president of technology (in an InfoWorld interview):

We are extensive users of what we call LAMP technologies. We have a lot of Linux, Apache, MySQL, PERL, and Python type of applications that run here. We make use of open-source office productivity tools like StarOffice or OpenOffice. We use Jabber as an instant messaging capability within our company. SSA, Sendmail — you name it, we use it. Now on the desktop basis, about half of our desktops are laptops. We’re a fairly mobile workforce — I think we have a little over ten percent of our workforce that are telecommuters or virtual employees. So that presents an interesting challenge. Currently the breakdown of our desktops are: Windows about 75 percent of our desktops, Linux about 10 percent, and Mac about 15 percent, and growing, I might add.

XML certainly is a big one for us and [so are] its applications in business and Web services. We definitely think that the network is the computer now. You just look at an environment like the Internet and the vast amount of information available to you out there, and instead of writing spidering types of programs or things that are fairly brittle, to go out and assimilate information together, we really think that the next big frontier is in the Web services area. Wireless is something we keep on top of a lot; that seems to be changing fairly consistently. We are extensive users of wireless technology ourselves.

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