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Own a computer for just Rs 5,000 is the title of a DQ (Dataquest) Week Delhi story on us. An excerpt from the story by Shweta Khanna:

How about a fully functional desktop at just Rs 5,000! No gimmicks, no frills, perfect display, complete productivity suites and a high-speed processor. Sounds like a dream? Yes, it has been a dream so far, but one man wants to change the rules of the game. Based on the conventional thin client desktop-thick client server OS architecture, this desktop can be affordable for a number of people who are still skeptical about buying a PC due to high price attached and higher maintenance cost.

Rajesh Jain, MD, Netcore Solutions Pvt Ltd, is spearheading this task. “It is all about understanding the customer and creating a market that can use it easily. It’s like a pizza, buy a pizza for Rs 200 and one that comes for Rs 20 only. I am trying to put together a unit that is affordable, practical in usage, works efficiently and a product you can rely on.”

The architecture is simple. It is about creating a software platform, which brings down costs of technology by a factor of 10, thus making it affordable for consumers and enterprises in the world’s emerging markets.

“It is going to become the computing platform for the next five million consumers and the thousands of SMEs who have not been able to adopt technology because of high pricing,” pointed out Jain.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.