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An interest conversation between Jon Udell (JU) and Ray Ozzie (RO) in InfoWorld:

JU: When asked to explain how Weblogs, Web services, and digital identity are jointly disruptive, I realized that the trust that exists in the Weblog space is related to digital identity. You know that authors have to authenticate in order to post, and you can see the reputations that people build up over time.

RO: The fact that I can recognize your writing, for example, is truly fascinating. We get caught up in the low-level infrastructure, but I don’t think that’s where the action is. We started Groove with the notion that there’s a distinct difference between peer-and enterprise-blessed trust. But if I’m going to let people work at the edge, I need them to understand who they’re sharing information with, so they don’t say something inappropriate. It’s easy to slap up a list of members of the space, but it’s also important to communicate who’s in your organization, who’s in another —

JU: And to be able to check out their history.

RO: Exactly. So we allowed enterprises to cross-certify other enterprises or domains within the enterprise, and the trust icon we display is unique based on whether it’s your enterprise, someone else’s enterprise, an individual whose fingerprint you’ve verified, or whether they’re untrusted.

Perhaps, there’s an opportunity somewhere there for BlogStreet…

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