Prahalad on India

It is always fascinating and extremely educating to read what CK Prahalad has to say. On his recent trip to India, he spoke about his vision for India. [1 2] A few excerpts:

It’s possible for India to achieve 10-15 per cent growth rate and add 10-15 million jobs a year. In 1929, we said ‘Poorna Swaraj’. Did it sound realistic then? We need to desperately want to solve the problems. If we don’t want it bad enough, it won’t happen…There’s an emerging sense of entrepreneurship, trapped resources almost to the tune of $1 trillion, market opportunities and emerging competence base. India has world’s largest food stocks, yet there are famines and malnourishment. We need to ask why?

Dont start from where you are (the fundamental fault in our planning process), but from where the future could be. Plan the desirable future and then fold it back, on what to do to get there. Run 400 metres at a time, but run the marathon.

Best practices never take you to leadership. It is the next practice that will. Gather courage to invent the next practice.

His mantra: “India Inside is for yours to take. If you dont someone else will and Ill haunt you.”

Prahalad’s “Competing for the Future” was the inspiration for me for IndiaWorld. Many of his “Bottom of the Pyramid” ideas are driving Emergic. We will invent the future, and we will do it from India. India first. Other emerging markets next.


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Rajesh Jain

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