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Of Netcore and the Rs 5,000 Gold Rush is the title of a story on us by Shweta Khanna in the latest (Jan 31) issue of Dataquest, India’s premier IT magazine. [Its adaped from the story which had appeared earlier in DQweek.]

The same issue also has a story by Manjiri Kalghatgi on Linux usage on India. So, who’s using Linux? “IT companies for one, have had good reason to leverage on the cost benefits of deploying Linux in their own organizations, given the financial squeeze that the slowdown brought in. Also, IT companies naturally find it far easier to tackle niggling Linux usage deterrents like the need for good technical support given the technical expertise available in-house. Once out of the technology experts closet, Linux is raising its head in enterprises across verticals, from education, manufacturing, banking and finance to defense engineering, life science and the one with the largest potentialgovernment.”

There is also a mention of Emergic Freedom in a sidebar entitled “Penny-crunching and the Poor Mans PC”:

Enterprises approached by Dataquest-MAIT have cited a variety of reasons for implementing Linux, but the biggest draw to using this system, remains the cost.

Several innovators in the country are combining Linux with various low cost hardware options that are far more affordable.

The best known among these is the Linux based Simputer set to make waves with its Rs 10,000 price-point.

Another innovation is the use of a thin client-thick server architecture running on Linux systems combined with the software called Emergic Freedom developed by Netcore Solutions.

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Rajesh Jain

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