Simple Concepts

I have realised one thing in the past few months. To catch attention, one needs simple ideas and concepts (or analogies) to describe what one is doing.

For the few months, we talked of Emergic as a “thin client-thick server” computing solution, or “the alternative computing platform” or “computing for the next 90%”. Too difficult for people to understand. Now, I have simplified the message: its about the “5KPC” – the Rs 5,000 (USD 100) personal computer. The 5KPC concept immediately strikes home. Its something people can relate to.

And, then to bring out the notion that it needs to be networked, I give the analogy of the TV and Cellphone: both need a network to be useful. In the same way, the 5KPC needs a network connection to do its tricks. Put this way, people can understand and relate to what I am saying. The “thin client/thick server” phrases are too techno-rich, and have their own connotations.

I realised this when over the past month, I found people and companies calling us after a few people in the media wrote about the 5KPC – that was in fact just one of the comments I had made at a seminar two months ago. But I now realise that the simplicity of the concept and the fact that I put what seemed to be an unachievable price point has helped garner attention. Phrases like “Affordable Computing” just don’t have the same kind of impact.

We now need to be able to do this to other products and solutions we are working on. Like for BlogStreet, I said we need to be able to “search for experts” just like one searches Google for content. The simplicity of the concept can go a long way in being to both communicating it to others and making it a reality.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.