An Entrepreneur’s Q&A

Ajit Balakrishnan (CEO of Rediff) says that there are 10 questions one needs to ask oneself before deciding to take the plunge to become an entrepreneur:

1. Can you detect a wave 2-3 years ahead of its time?

2. Have you figured out where your business idea fits in the value chain of that industry?

3. Are you good at selling ideas?

4. Good at the give and take of partnerships?

5. Can you do with very little money for many years?

6. Know how to choose a VC carefully?

7. Is your team good enough?

8. Start soon after IIT or after many years of work experience?

9. Can you take defeat?

10. What could be tomorrows businesses?

Ajit is a serial entrepreneur, and has started many successful businesses over the past three decades. Good to see him blogging!


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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.