Another Reason to Blog

The single largest traffic generator (referer) to this blog is Google (see yesterday’s post). That by itself is not surprising or news. What is interesting is to see the variety of search terms that help get people to this blog. And this is where blogging becomes important.

Getting linked from other bloggers and sites increases one’s PageRank (my current PageRank is 6/10, my BlogStreet Rank is 2282 / 80699 and BlogStreet BIQ is 1821), and consequently, one shows up higher in the list of sites when people search, increasing the probability that people will know about the blog. Thus, blogging helps build up mindshare for one’s thoughts (and ideas and solutions), provided one can get connected into the ecosystem of links.

In that sense, one’s blog can be thought of as a marketing tool. The key lies in building up credibility and trust in the world of bloggers, to begin with. The time spent is well worth it. The results may come after time, and there are no shortcuts. That is why it is a good idea to start early and blog well enough to become an integral part of the web.

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