eGovernance Talk

I am giving a talk next week to one of the state governments in India on how new technologies (like low-cost PCs, open-source software, WiFi) can make a difference in eGovernance. Was wondering if any of you have any ideas on this topic – basically, the state is looking for a strategy for eGovernance. Here are my thoughts as of now.

The key objective
– “intelligent, real-time government” (just like a real-time enterprise).

The focus should be on 3 set of areas:
– eServices: for citizens and business, to reduce pain points in government interactions
– Intranet: information flow in and out for government staff
– enablement: in three key areas – Education, Healthcare, Employment

The building blocks for these:
– low-cost PCs (building on my ideas of the 5KPC Ecosystem)
– Linux and open-source software
– WiFi for connectivity
– local language support
– weblogs for knowledge sharing – within govt, between citizens
– telecentres as “touch-points”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.