Apac will be tops in developers by 2005

North America will lose its standing as the world’s leading producer of professional software developers to the Asia/Pacific region by 2005, according to an IDC report quoted in InfoWorld. Slowly but surely, the centre of gravity in the world of technology is shifting East. More:

With 1.7 million software developers, the Asia/Pacific region is currently the No. 2 producer of development talent, surpassing Western Europe’s 1.6 million developers, but well behind North America’s 2.6 million professional developers in 2001, according to the IDC study.

With strong growth in the number of professional developers projected over the next two years in countries such as China and India as compared with North America, however, the Asian/Pacific region is on course to take over the No. 1 spot, IDC said.

Another snippet: “C and C++ continued to be the most commonly used development languages, with Java overtaking Visual Basic as the second most commonly used language worldwide, IDC said.”


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Rajesh Jain

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