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From Fortune’s Peter Lewis on what he considers as the most intriguing products:

Grokker is both a tool that companies can use to build websites that are more useful to consumers and easier to navigate as well as a $99 software plug-in for your browser that significantly improves the web searching experience.

Pixim has crafted a new type of visual imaging technology-on-a-chip that promises great improvements for digital surveillance technology. Basically, it greatly improves the visual acuity of surveillance cameras, millions of which are being added to our lives every year.

Picasa is an elegant, peer-to-peer program that scans your computer for pictures, organizes them in chronological order without any of those stupid file names that plague most other Windows photo managers, and allows them to be shared more easily than ever before. It has the cleverest system for sharing photos by e-mail, for displaying your photos on a TV screen.

ManyOne is a window through which some people will want to view the World Wide Web and the Internet. Like Internet Explorer, it’s a browser, except that this browser is based on the Mozilla open-source platform and thus innocent of any affiliation with Microsoft. Moreover, ManyOne is intended to be a “private label” browser.

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