Blogger’s News Aggregator

Seeing this News Aggregator for Weblogs At Harvard gives me an idea – perhaps we could look at a service in BlogStreet which takes the blogroll or neighbourhood of bloggers (which we have identified) and then make a public page which creates a news aggregator page for each of the bloggers. What this does is shows me (and others) the updates happening on the bloggers of interest to me – it takes information filtering one-level deeper.

So, if I like Kevin Werbach and his blog, then I can now see not just his neighbourhood which comprises his blogroll and related blogs, one can also find the updates being done in the aggregate set of these blogs. These way, one can find a wider perspective on topics we know the blogger is interested in.

I think we should do this as part of BlogStreet.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.