Online Gaming and Grid Computing

Sony, IBm and are planning to use grid computing to create massively large multi-player games, according to NYTimes:

Games with great numbers of players present daunting computing challenges. The market is just beginning to emerge, and the game environments are frequently bedeviled by technical glitches sluggish graphics and long delays for users who want to play. For online game enthusiasts, grid technology could deliver the ideal of letting thousands of simultaneous users enjoy fast, realistic graphics, and letting them play either alone or with friends in teams without having to wait.

Grid technology allows many clusters of computers to be linked together as if they were a single machine, making it easier for players to roam widely within a game’s virtual environment.

The other thing Sony and its technology partners hope to do with the grid model is reduce the costs for developers to make and support multiplayer games for PlayStation 2, the leading game console. Such games have been costly, bespoke projects. The game developer or publisher has had to set up and support expensive computer server and host systems for each game.

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