Intel’s Centrino Strategy

A WSJ article on Intel’s next branding strategy, ten years after it started mass-advertising Pentium. This time, the focus is on primarily building a brand for its WiFi chips.

Intel plans to spend more than $300 million to build the Centrino brand, including a flood of television ads based on the theme “unwire.” Intel also is offering advertising and marketing subsidies to computer makers and wireless-service operators that submit to tests to show that Centrino-based laptops can easily connect with public Wi-Fi access locations, known as “hot spots.”

To verify that the hot spots work with Centrino laptops, Intel testers have fanned out to more than 100 cities in 19 countries. Thousands of hot spots have been checked, and Intel expects to test tens of thousands by year end.

Computer makers, which have long relied on advertising subsidies under the program known as Intel Inside, can’t sport the Centrino logo and earn additional subsidies unless they also buy Intel Wi-Fi networking chips.

Intel WiFi+T

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