My 4 Interest Areas

I was making a presentation today and as I was preparing one of the slides, I listed out the four areas that we are working on in Netcore:

– Enabling the Intelligent, Real-Time Enterprise [Messaging and Security, Desktop Computing, Information Management and Business Applications for SMEs]
– Building out the 5KPC (Rs 5,000 PC) Ecosystem [Thin Client-Thick Server Computing]
– Transforming Rural India [TeleInfocentres, Village InfoGrid, eGovernance]
– Leveraging Weblogs as Information Filters [Blogs, RSS and Beyond]

In each of the areas, I want us to think differently and come up with “disruptive innovations” which can create cost-effective and cutting-edge solutions for the world’s emerging markets and enterprises. My viewpoint is very much centred about affordability, and leveraging Linux and open-source software.

What is perhaps a seeming misfit in the list is the last item related to weblogs. This is a reflection of my belief that weblogs are a very important trend and my love for information – both reading and writing, and which is reflected here in this blog. Here we have an opportunity to create a globally competitive and leading resource for bloggers via BlogStreet. We aren’t there yet, but I am confident we will – very soon.

As I have written before, I believe that the biggest Force is 10X Vision – we need to imagine a different future, then go out and build it. Technology creates discontinuities and leapfrog opportunities. Each of the areas we are working on is built on this belief. We do not want to do me-too work, but something innovative. Of course, I also want to ensure that we build a profitable and successful venture out of these activities. At the same time, I do not know whether we will succeed or fail in these endeavours. As I’ve said before, for an entrepreneur, it is the journey which matters more than just reaching the destination.

My Tech Talks which are the long daily commentaries I write reflect these interest areas. My reading is wider, and is reflected in many of the other posts that I do.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.