Picasso or Czanne?

Business 2.0 writes about research by David W. Galenson “to explain how people innovate.

Examining the relationship between age and earning power for 125 famous artists, Galenson identified two archetypes: Picassos are bold, conceptual thinkers who peak early and innovate in dramatic leaps, while Czannes are patient experimentalists who gradually improve with age. “All intellectual activity breaks in these two ways,” says Galenson, who has since found similar divisions in poets, economists, and, yes, corporate executives. The trick is to balance the two types of talent: A youthful flash of innovation can make your company hot, while steady, mature management can help build lasting greatness.

– Picassos: Marc Andressen, Steve Jobs, Shawan Fawning Bill Gates.
– Czannes: Craig Barrett, Meg Whitman, Reuben Mark, Richard Wagoner

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.