BI and Dashboards

Roland Piquepaille points to two stories from ComputerWorld:

  • The future of Business Intelligence: “Knowledge workers have tended to analyze data in isolation because the software they use doesn’t let them do anything else. But data analysis must move from solo to collaborative if we’re ever going to eliminate the bottleneck of specialized business analysts. This means packaging analytical applications into portal interfaces that ordinary people can access online and then allowing them to share not just the static output, but [also] the actual dynamic analytical experience through online collaboration.”

  • Management Dashboards Becoming Mainstream : “What we’re seeing today are management dashboards, which have been pushed down through the organization, providing relevant information to a particular manager. At Southwest Airlines, they call them cockpits, and they’re specialized, so that the guy in charge of putting peanuts on airplanes gets a different view than the guy who’s in charge of purchasing jet fuel. But they all see what planes are flying where. So I’d say dashboards are leaving the early-adopter phase and becoming more mainstream. ”

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