Enterprise Weblogs

IT-Director asks if enterprise weblogs are the next IM for enterprises. Benefits:

There are two main benefits: they reduce the barriers to information sharing, and they organise fragmented information. By reducing the barriers to publication, Weblogs bridge the knowledge gap between individuals with valuable knowledge and the wider community. Enterprise intranets are too slow, formal and impersonal to attract the titbits of insights and information that are the staple of Weblogs. Weblogs are organised by timeline and topic so authors can put a personal spin on the welter of information and ideas that flows past each of us in our daily work.”

Enterprise Weblogs take the Blogging concept into the organisation. Commercial software is emerging to allow organisation experts to contribute their knowledge in internal Weblogs. Instead of information being locked up in personal folders or stored in static and siloed information stores, contributors can publish the information in an organised, searchable format.

(The article also has a brief mention of BlogStreet.)

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.