Ideas and Execution

Ideas are aplenty in our lives, the question is how many do we actually execute on. I have flet this often in my life – the ideas get far ahead of our capability to make them reality. Thinking, dreaming up new worlds is perhaps the easier part, executing on these ideas and doing so as the right time is the challenge.

I have been feeling this as I look back over the past couple of years and the many ideas that I’ve had (and written about on the Tech Talk columns and the blog). At times, I find myself going back to something I had thought of a long time ago. Maybe then, the time for execution was not right. Something was missing. It is hard to say if now is the right time, but that’s a gut feel one has to rely on.

One such idea I am contemplating is the Linux Desktop. We have had limited success so far with our thin client-thick server solution. I am wondering if I didn’t make a mistake by not going ahead with an innovative Linux desktop built around the dashboard and RSS aggregator. Am thinking about it again. This time, there is a wider context to the idea.

I should have made a bigger bet on Linux and related services. I remember thinking many years ago about setting up a Linux Development Centre in India. Support is one of the biggest constraints in the adoption of Linux, and we could have addressed that problem by offering it from India.

There are many other examples. Thinking is easy – its only our imagination that needs to be exercised. Execution is the hard part – it requires us to do a detailed plan and have faith that what we are doing is right. At times, that’s the leap we don’t make, and the idea slowly slides away. The one nice thing about a blog is that at least one can read about all the ideas one had and didn’t implement!


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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.