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Viswanath Gondi writes in a post entitled “The Next Killer App”:

The information aggregator? Dashboard, an open source project, similar but more advanced than taskpane in windows. You will have a pane on your desktop which will keep track of your context and provide services from different databases. For example if you come across a url on your main app, the dashboard will search for related sites on google, find weblogs bloging on that url through technorati, get the information about the person incharge of the site through FOAF, etc. Bill Gates also mentioned something like this on UsaToday. An app called scope is prototyped at microsoft reserch. Also, digital dashboard at Emergic.org talks about the same thing. Is it the next killer app? A notification service for the mixture of email, IM, aggregator, search engine and all the webservices available on the servers. Primarily the personal agent that has been in the future for soo long. Which UI form will it take, file browser, system tray, taskpane or like the google toolbar. How is its interface going to be on cell phones?”

I think we are moving to a world of microcontent, which we will subscribe to, and which be delivered on our desktop via a dashboard, in our email client via an RSS-to-IMAP service (like the Info Aggregator), on our cellphone via SMS – however we choose to receive it. There will be a shift from searching and surfing to getting the relevant, incremental content delivered from the sources we choose to receive it from.

I need to write more on this…the basic theme is: “”From Website Searching and Surfing to Microcontent Syndication and Subscription: The Birth of the Publish-Subscribe Web and Creation of Information Marketplaces.”

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