eBay’s New Directions

Meg Whitman points out the changing nature of eBay from just an online auctioneer:

Nearly 26% of our sales were settled in a fixed Nprice format, called Buy it Now. This feature allows sellers to attach a price to their auctions.

Another thing that not everybody knows about eBay is that its a very flexible channel for large sellers. We have made a tremendous amount of progress enabling big sellers to sell in volume.

Many small businesses, for example, are finding eBay to be a very attractive place, both for selling their products and for outfitting their offices. And were looking at new areas. Services is a new marketplace on eBay.

Another thing thats important to know about eBay is that were a global marketplace. We now have operations in 27 countries around the world.

A lasting point: “The need for online trading communities seems endless.”

From the first part of the speech: “What we see with eBay is a community of users who adapt this online marketplace to their particular needs. I think it is one of the most flexible platforms Ive ever seen in terms of making it just right for buyers and just right for sellers. Thats why weve succeeded.”


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Rajesh Jain

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