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Ted Leung makes a passionate appeal (which I concur with) for providing full content in the RSS feed:

I’m interested in timeboxing my RSS reading. The more items I can read per unit time, the better. Having to click, or spacebar or whatver slows me down. Out of the many items a day that I read, only a few are worth following up on (either via blogging it, or going to see the comments or whatever). When a feed doesn’t include all the content, then it slows me down if I have to click and have the tab open up in Mozilla. (FeedDemon can do this now). It’s especially bad if I have to do that, only to find that the item wasn’t of interest to me. So I want all the content in the feed.

I want to break down the walls between silos of personal information (including microcontent). In order to do that, I need my programs to be able to much on that data. If the data is off on your web page, it’s harder to do. So I want all the content in the feed…

I am finding the same thing. It is especially frustrating to find only part of the content in feeds. RSS is becoming the way I am finding much of the new content. Content providers need to look at this new medium seriously – and not just as an previewer of content.


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